With several innovations attempting to ease our day-to-day lives, is everything really good for us? Even when considering home automation, the convenience and cost saving is often compared against the number of apps and the dependency on machines we are developing.

From smartphones to smart lights, TV, and fridges, and to having all electronics connected to the internet, these innovations can be interesting to some while intimidating to others. Let’s dig deeper into the yet-to-explore but not-too-far aspect of technology on the kitchen counters.

No, we are not talking about smart refrigerators or IoT-connected coffee machines and microwaves. We are about to discuss having access to the internet even in your kitchen without any device’s screen to be touched, instead turning the kitchen counter into a touch screen.

What is a touchscreen Kitchen counter?

Before you jump the guns and assume you will need a touch screen fitted onto your kitchen countertop, we are here to tell you that is something it's absolutely not. Instead, it is a technology that uses projectors and camera sensors to turn any flat surface into a touch screen.

This means the countertop space remains intact, while you can choose to switch on the projector and convert it into a touch screen-enabled interactive surface.

What is the use of a touchscreen countertop?

Simply put it is convenient to have access to the internet in the kitchen without bringing a laptop, iPad, tablet, or smartphone. A practical use example would be to watch video recipes while cooking.

No need to soil your iPad or juggle between the TV room and kitchen while cooking. But given the fact that it can be connected to the internet, you have an array of things to do even when in the kitchen.

When will this technology enter the kitchen and how will it work?

Among several innovations since 2014, a touch screen on kitchen countertops has been developed by only a handful of companies. The tech giant Microsoft had developed this as a feature in their Home Automation system.

In 2020, a Canadian company named Atlas Granite developed a technology called MASST(Making Any Solid Surface Touch Screen) which also won the Best of IBS Awards in the Kitchen and Bath Category.

They use projection lasers and motion sensors that can turn any flat, light-colored surface into a touch screen. This Technology is being tested and will soon be available in the market for use.

What are the pros and cons of having a touchscreen kitchen counter?

The screen touch feature without an actual screen sounds interesting, but it’s real test will run only once it is available for daily use. Internet connectivity through such a channel does save time and improves productivity.

As per reports these projectors too will not take up much space. They can be easily fitted into the kitchen cabinets to project on the countertop, thus making them space-saving and as convenient as switching on a light bulb. So they are cost and time efficient.

Should you get a kitchen countertop touchscreen?

If you are someone who has a space crunch or lives in a small urban household. If you want to enhance your kitchen and living experience, save some time hand, and manage your household expenses much more efficiently, you should consider a home automation system or at least a touchscreen countertop.

But of course, once it is out in the market you can take a good look and decide if it is a Yay or Nay for you. Hope this helps.